Sevocity offers free electronic health record training to schools.

San Antonio Business Journal

Date: Thursday, May 27, 2010, 10:40am CDT

Health technology company Sevocity has developed a free training program for colleges, universities, medical schools and other organizations needing to learn how to use Internet-based ambulatory electronic health records.

Sevocity, a division of Conceptual MindWorks Inc., is the creator of Sevocity EHR (electronic health records). Under this training program, educational organizations will be allowed use a free version of Sevocity EHR for up to 20 users (students or teachers). The company is calling this program Sevocity U.

“We developed this program because we recognize the tremendous challenge Regional Extension Centers and other educators have teaching clinicians and others about Electronic Health Records in a very short period of time and with limited funding,” says Catherine Huddle, vice president of market development with Sevocity.

San Antonio-based Sevocity has developed an Internet-based product that gives physicians and health professionals access to patient data in a secure format.

  • "We have the vision that our products and services will lead to the better health of people around the world through the ethical development and application of software technology, the sciences and engineering while providing value to both our customers and stakeholders."
    – Conceptual