Our Story

CMI was founded by Elaine Mendoza in San Antonio, Texas, July 5, 1990. Elaine’s vision of creating a company that makes a positive difference to customers, team members, and the community remains the guiding principles for growth today and tomorrow.

The high level, long-term strategic plan was to build credibility and a solid foundation as a company delivering services to the Department of Defense, specifically the US Air Force. We planned to build upon that foundation and develop a product for the private-sector community and expand our scientific and technical contractor base to other government agencies. Our first objective was to earn an opportunity to work for the US Air Force in San Antonio. Once that opportunity was secured, we focused all our energies on doing the right things.

This initiated the journey to focus on delivering the best solutions for our customers, build CMI’s reputation, credibility and business base, all one customer at a time. With each customer and opportunity, we have remained steadfast to delivering quality, customer-driven solutions and exceptional customer service.

Our focus on our customers created more opportunities to serve the US Air Force and to build teams around our customers’ needs.

The growth facilitated the recruitment of team members who are experts and created within CMI a culture focused towards the same ends.

CMI honed its capabilities and stayed driven to serve the US Air Force with health-related scientific and technical support. The US Army and Navy were added as customers and in 2011 CMI added the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) of the Department of Health and Human Services as a customer expanding our core competencies into the pharmaceutical and biological production arena.

Further, in our pursuit to deliver the most effective solutions to our customers, CMI patented intellectual property in biotechnology areas. By 2011, CMI built a strong base of both tangible and intangible assets.

These assets included, for example, our experience garnered in health-related services to DOD and the DHHS, customer-focused philosophies, credibility, and foundation of financial strength and stability

Capitalizing on these assets, in 2002 CMI launched the development of products and services for the private sector healthcare industry and deployed the industry’s leading certified internet-based ambulatory Electronic Health Record (EHR). We consistently deliver enhancements and new functionality further solidifying Sevocity EHR as the cornerstone of a successful medical practice.  This constant improvement has led to strong growth in our customer base each year.

Our commitment to our customers, earning credibility, and building a team around customer requirements remains our focus and growth strategy.

Today, Conceptual MindWorks, Inc. continues to serve the Air Force, as it has since 1991, and now serves the Department of Health and Human Services and the private-sector healthcare community.

  • "We have the vision that our products and services will lead to the better health of people around the world through the ethical development and application of software technology, the sciences and engineering while providing value to both our customers and stakeholders."
    – Conceptual