GSA/PSS Off Site Fixed Labor Hourly Rates

Off Base Fixed Labor Hourly Rates
Conceptual MindWorks, Inc. Professional Services Schedule (PSS)
Summary of Off Site Fixed Hourly Rates
Contract No. GS-10F-0285N
Labor Category March 11, 2016 -March 10, 2017
Administrative Specialist** $54.50
Budget Technician $80.41
Jr. Business/Financial Analyst $83.96
Business/Financial Analyst $122.97
Sr. Business/Financial Analyst $135.58
Clerical Specialist** $45.34
Jr. Engineer $101.28
Engineer $119.36
Sr. Engineer $162.09
Project Leader $136.53
Sr. Project Leader $167.84
Medical Technician I** $73.01
Medical Technician II $80.48
Medical Technician III $97.26
Medical Technician IV $136.77
Program Manager $211.54
Scientific Technician I** $59.81
Scientific Technician II $80.48
Scientific Technician III $97.26
Scientist $122.12
Sr. Scientist $147.24
Statistician $164.94
Subject Matter Expert I $93.89
Subject Matter Expert II $122.72
Subject Matter Expert III $150.00
Subject Matter Expert IV $165.09
Jr. Systems Analyst $66.52
Systems Analyst $102.93
Sr. Systems Analyst $156.82
Trainer $108.45

** The Service Contract Act (SCA) is applicable to this contract and it includes SCA applicable labor categories. The prices for the cited SCA labor categories are based on the U.S. Department of Labor WD Number(s) identified in the SCA matrix. The prices offered are based on the preponderance of where work is performed and should the Contractor perform in an area with lower SCA rates, resulting in lower wages being paid, the task order prices will be discounted accordingly.