Pending Patent-Patient Care Recommendation System

Summary of Invention

Disclosed are systems and methods to provide a patient care recommendation. The systems and methods receive patient information and a plurality of patient physiological signals that are related to a patient. The systems and methods are then operable to produce at least one derived patient signal from at least one of the plurality of patient physiological signals. The systems and methods use the patient information, at least one of the plurality of patient physiological signals, and the at least one derived patient signal to provide at least one patient career recommendation.

Inventors: Andriy I. Batchinsky, Jose Salinas, Leopoldo C. Cancio, and Mark S. Doderer. (Inventors bolded and italicized were CMI employees as of the declaration of IP to the USAF and at the date of filing.)

Claim Set 1: (Diagnosis Engine)

Claim Set 2: (Respiration Monitoring Device)

Claim Set 3: (Processor)

HaynesBoone File No. 22883.11

Drs. Salinas and Cancio were US Army Civilian and military employees respectively at the time of both discovery and filing of IP with the USA and for the provisional application. Mr. Doderer was a temporary USA Civilian employee. Mr. Doderer does not share in all three of the subsections of this patent application. Dr. Andriy Batchinsky left CMI’s team on 14 April 2012, and remains employed as a civilian contractor at the US Army Institute of Surgical Research, Ft. Sam Houston, TX.

This Patent is attributable to work performed by CMI under USA Contract: W81XWH-07-C-0059.

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