Patent-Neutralizing Anthrax and Other Bioagents


The present invention concerns methods, compositions and apparatus for neutralizing bioagents, wherein bioagents comprise biowarfare agents, biohazardous agents, biological agents and/or infectious agents. The methods comprise exposing the bioagent to an organic semiconductor and exposing the bioagent and organic semiconductor to a source of energy. Although any source of energy is contemplated, in some embodiments the energy comprises visible light, ultra-violet, infrared, radio frequency, microwave, laser radiation, pulsed corona discharge or electron beam radiation. Exemplary organic semiconductors include DAT and DALM. In certain embodiments, the organic semiconductor may be attached to one or more binding moieties, such as an antibody, antibody fragment, or nucleic acid ligand. Preferably, the binding moiety has a binding affinity for one or more bioagents to be neutralized. Other embodiments concern an apparatus comprising an organic semiconductor and an energy source. In preferred embodiments, the methods, compositions and apparatus are use3d for neutralizing anthrax spores.

Original Filing Date November 8, 2002.

Provisional Application filed November 8, 2002 and subsequently all appropriate follow-on applications, office actions and appeals. An appeal is pending at the end of the process. Claims are still being examined at the USPO – as of Spring 2012.

Inventors: Mark Sloan, Jeevala tha Vivekananda, Eric Holwitt and Johnathan Kiel. (Inventors bolded and italicized were CMI employees as of the date of filing. This IP is directly attributable to work performed for AFRL/HEPC under government contract. Use of this IP is a major contributor to the TNT Project at AFRL/HEPC.)

Eric Holwitt was employed by CMI from 13 May 1998 through 30 May 2003. Previous to 13 May 1998, Dr. Holwitt was Major in the Air Force; subsequent to 30 May 2003 Dr. Holwitt is employed as a government civilian working at Brooks City-Base, TX until early 2011 and currently at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH.

Jeevalatha Vivekananda was employed by CMI from 15 June 2000 through 25 December 2004. Subsequent to 25 December 2004 Dr. Vivekananda is employed as a government civilian working at Ft. Sam Houston, TX.

Mark Sloan was employed by CMI at the time of this patent submission until April 2011. He is currently working as a civilian contractor at Ft. Sam Houston, TX.

This patent was obtained pursuant to CMI work under USAF Contract – F41624-03-D-7000-002.

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