Patent-Aptamers Against Anthrax


The present invention concerns methods of preparing nucleic acid ligands against anthrax spores, compositions comprising anthrax specific nucleic acid ligands and methods of use of such ligands for detection and/or neutralization of anthrax spores.

Original Filing Date October 15, 2001.

Inventors: Jeevalatha Vivekananda and Johnathan Kiel. (Inventors bolded and italicized were CMI employees as of the date of filing.)

Jeevalatha Vivekananda was employed by CMI from 15 June 2000 through 25 December 2004. Subsequent to 25 December 2004 Dr. Vivekananda is employed as a government civilian working at Ft Sam Houston, TX.

The Federal Government has rights to use the present invention pursuant to contract F41624-00-D-7000 awarded by the Department of the Air Force.

US Patent