Compositions, Methods and Uses for BioSynthetic Plasmid Integrated Capture Elements

Patent No: US 8,628,955 B2,
Issued on January 14, 2014


Embodiments herein report compositions, systems and methods for making and using plasmid vectors and nanotube complexes. In certain embodiments, compositions, systems and methods herein include making plasmid vectors having aptamer inserts. In some embodiments, methods disclosed herein may be used to rapidly generate large quantities of plasmid vectors having aptamer inserts directed to a particular target agent. Other aspects concern plasmid constructs associated with organic semiconductors. Yet other aspects concern complexes of nanotubes associated with dsDNA aptamers and tracking molecules.

Original Filing Date – June 2, 2009

InventorsJohnathan Kiel, Eric Holwitt, Mark Sloan, Amanda Tijerina, Jill Parker, Maomian Fan and Melanie Woitaske

(Inventors bolded and italicized were CMI employees as of the declaration of IP to the USAF and at the date of filing. ) 

This Patent is attributable to work performed by CMI under USAF Contract: FA8650-05-C-6521 

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